Friday, February 29, 2008

Today's Post is Brought to You by the Number 2

I've got a lot going on right now and most of it is irking me so let's get straight down to business because if I get off topic, well, let's just say War & Peace might start looking like a novella. So not a lot of chit chat, just the bare bones of a post.

The theme for the day is things that come in pairs...

First up, Socks!
Try to ignore the bin of awful acrylic craft yarn in the background. It's left over from my pre-knitting days when I "crafted" and didn't care (or know) about 100% merino and such. It was hard enough to get the picture while bending over and hanging upside down, I decided not to retake the photo to edit out my past yarn indiscretions...

These are my finished Toe Up Socks from Shibui Knits. I used Shuibui Sock in Orchid and I used a variety of Lantern Moon Sox Stix (#2 for the main body of the sock, #1 for around the ankles, and # 3 for around the calf). I shortened the leg length because I usually wear short socks and I don't really like having stuff around the middle of my leg. If I had to do it again I would use #1 needles for everywhere but the calf because they are bit looser than I would like. Overall I am very pleased... I admit I was a bit worried at first since these are 100% merino wool and I have a wool sensitivity but I am happy to report that Sock is so soft that I have worn them for whole days with nary a twitch or itch!

And next, Mittens!

Baby mittens - which means they are automatically cute (the Second Law of Babydynamics). I made these using a free pattern I found on Ravelry (surprise) "Baby Mittens" designed by Kaitlyn Wong. The yarn is Debbie Bliss Baby Cashmerino in a light blue, #202 I think but the ball band is upstairs and I'm lazy. I knit these on my fabulous Addi Laces, US #3. The pattern was really clear and well written but if you are looking to make mittens for a really small baby you might want to use something else, these are a bit big on Matt now (almost eight months!) and also fit just fine on Gwen (two). My gauge was a little larger than called for but not that much. I tried two new techniques in this project: two strands held together and magic loop. Neither was difficult but I found magic loop to be pretty fiddly with such a small item. The two strands makes for a nice tight fabric that keeps Matt's little mitts warm and toasty.

So a pair of finished objects! I was going to show you my Lace Edge Cardigan (Debbie Bliss, Simply Baby)- I've finished the body and moved onto the sleeves (another pair) but I think I will save that for next time.

I'll leave you with my favorite pair because Grandma reads the blog and we like to keep Grandma happy, even if she just lurks and never comments...

Matt being Matt, which in my book equals adorable but I'm biased.

And Gwen, checking out the spring Interweave Knits. Of her own accord. Can you stand it? We'll have her hooked on fiber before she knows what hit her.


mames said...

what sweet photos of your two...i love seeing how she sits with the mag. totally get her some little needles and see how it goes. can't start them early enough, that is what i am thinking.

Duchess said...

the socks and mittens are sweet- but don't hold a candle to your adorable kids. So cute!