Friday, March 16, 2012

Pot O' Gold at the End of the Headband, er, Rainbow

Right. So just when this poor little blog of mine thought it could relax and retire- Surprise! Here's a new post! And I cannot think of anything even close to a clever transition so why don't we just jump in.

My kids are celebrating St. Patrick's Day at school today and all week G had planned to wear green ribbons in her hair because her school uniform is decidedly not green. However, last night I received an email from her teacher saying that today was a Free Green Dress Day- no uniforms required. G was very excited but decided, somewhat inexplicably, that this wardrobe change required a change of plans for her hair as well. That, since I'm wearing green, mama, I need something other than just a green ribbon in my hair.

O-kaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay, not sure of the logic there but far be it from me to figure out the inner workings of a six year old mind. Being the pushover I am *ahem* I said sure, I'd come up with something shamrock-y, St. Patrick's-ish for her hair. Probably a headband of some sort.

Here's what I came up with:

Not too shabby for a spur of the moment project and - BONUS - I had everything on hand to make it (please excuse the iPhone picture, I'm shopping for a new camera).

Voila! Fun, festive Pot O'Gold headband and one very happy 6-year-old--- all achieved in about an hour while catching up on Project Runway All Stars, no leprechaun magic required.