Thursday, May 28, 2009

Penguins & Playtime

I hope everyone had a fantastic time over the long weekend. We managed to get out and enjoy the sunny weather.

We headed over to Woodland Park Zoo to check out their new Humbolt penguin exhibit. It is really fantastic. The new exhibit represents a coastal fishing village in Chile or Peru and includes tide pools and nesting areas for the birds.


It's no longer just penguins swimming around either, there are all sorts of interactive parts to it:


Here's Gwennie the penguin warming the eggs in her nest.


And the whole thing was built to be green, using geothermal heating & cooling and filtering its own water for reuse.


Did you know there is a little playground at WPZ? I didn't. I must have walked past it a hundred times! Todd and the little ones introduced it to me on Monday. Very cute, all the activities are based on animal homes or habits.

Gwen enjoyed pretending to be a spider.

Both kids channeled their inner turtle for Aunt B.


And much time was devoted to running in, out, through, and over this burrow.



Typically Todd takes Gwen to the zoo while Matt naps on the weekends so it was nice to all get out together.

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Jessica said...

If I added up all the hours I've spent sitting on a log knitting while my children ran around through that burrow on the playground...well, it would be a lot of time.