Monday, September 28, 2009

Making Strides...

Unfortunately, I don't mean that I am making strides towards having a definitive treatment plan, you know, the kind with starts dates and that kind of semi-important stuff, although maybe (pretty please with whipped cream on top) more information along that line of things tomorrow.

No, actually I am talking about the Making Strides Against Breast Cancer event. I guess events, plural, would be more accurate. Making Strides is a series of walks held across the country by the American Cancer Society to raise money and awareness for breast cancer.

My "baby" sister, Betsy, decided to participate in the walk in Raleigh this coming weekend (October 3rd) as her way to feel she was "doing something." I think it has been really difficult for her, being clear on the other coast and not really feeling like she can help. I know I would would feel much the same way if our places were reversed.

I've heard from many of you back in NC and I know Betsy would love to have some walking partners so I'd like to encourage any of you that have flexible plans for the weekend to consider coming out and walking with her (sorry for the last minute notice- I'm a bad sister and didn't get this written until now... twenty lashes with a wet noodle for me!). There is no registration fee to participate though you are encouraged to make a donation and/or raise funds.

If you cannot participate yourself but would like to make a donation Betsy (and the American Cancer Society) would love that as well.

Here is a link to her personal Making Strides page where you can glean a bit more information about the event, sign up to participate, or make a donation:

For those of you out here in the suddenly rainy PNW with me, there is a walk this weekend in Bellevue which I am considering participating in myself though I won't be making a final decision for a couple days (see above referenced lack of information from medical team making my life difficult to plan *ahem*). And for you Californians, there are several upcoming events during October depending on where you live.

Anyway, just something to consider as we head into Breast Cancer Awareness Month (holy cow! is it really almost October? good grief.)


mames said...

my friend kat has a blog and her latest post made me think of you and it felt like a prayer reading it...i thought you might want to glimpse...
hugs and prayers, walking with you in spirit.

Peanutga11ery1 said...

OMG Katie, I just read this on your blog. Wow. What do you need? Anything? Srsly anything? Just ask. And if you don't ask, I will bug you because everyone wants to help. Much love sweetie.