Tuesday, November 07, 2006


That's right- I want to remind all of you to get out there and check out the new fangled EEE-lek-tronik voting machines. I know this is a new blog and the chances of anyone reading this is slim-to-none, but on the off chance that it might influence someone I feel obligated to remind you to vote. Yup. That is how important it is. Remember, you can't bitch if you don't vote (although plenty of folks do).

And by the by, what is it with the big freakout over electronic voting machines? We bank electronically, et cetera with nary a second thought (even if you eschew on-line banking an ATM is a form of electronic banking and who doesn't use those?) No system is perfect. People could probably rig the old mechanical machines if they wanted to, I guess it just sounds scarier when people talk about "hacking."

Regardless, vote. Vote. VOTE.

To my fellow Seattlites, the weather is no excuse- you won't melt. If your polling place has been closed due to flooding you can find your alternative place on-line, most of the local news station websites have links to the info. Going the extra mile or two won't kill ya'.

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