Thursday, March 19, 2009

Pooh. What Happened to the Sun?

Looking outside today it is hard to believe that just a little while ago it looked like this:

This was a couple Fridays ago and I took advantage of a babysitter to steal a little time for myself during the day. I grabbed my lunch and headed down to Golden Gardens to enjoy the sunshine. It was still pretty cool temperature-wise but I could feel Spring waiting in the wings.

I think Spring got stage fright because it is nowhere to be seen now. Oh well. At least I got to indulge for a couple hours...

And what did I do with those hours? I worked on this:
This is Thermis by Kristen Patay.
And here it is completed:
I used Malabrigo Merino Worsted in Natural (unbelievably soft!!!) and my trusty Addi Turbos in size 6. The buttons came from The Fiber Gallery.

I love it! And really, if it isn't going to be Spring- could it be just a little colder so I can use this? I hate to think I'm going to have to put it away until the fall :(
And just to spite me for maligning it, the sun has come out as I put the final touches on this post. Go figure.

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mames said...

more mmmm. malabrigo. looks like a lovely way to spend the afternoon.