Tuesday, February 27, 2007

What's That?!?

I haven't yet written of my husband laying down the law, so to speak, with regards to my on-going knitting projects. My friends, he is a muggle, and does not understand the way of the fiber (or any craft really) - please bear this in mind as you read my tale. He is a lovely man & we have been married for ten years and I look forward to many more. I'd hate for your sole impression to be of this situation but it is a tale that must be told so I will tell it and ask that you not hold it against him (too much).

About two weeks ago, when I picked up the albatross blanket again my husband declared that I was "not allowed (what am I? ten years old?) to begin any new projects until the current ones are finished." This includes all my current knitting projects as well as two large cross-stitch projects (the x-stitch projects I admit, are a little behind schedule, having begun them at least 8 years ago. However, this does not take into account all the things I have completed in the meantime, but I digress).

I smiled and nodded, thinking "you just don't get it, do you?" I mean, I just found out I am having a little boy! This completely changes the scope and nature of my knitting. I need to knit boy things. I still have little girl things I want to make. I am easily bored and/or distracted. But for 12 days I struggled, I overcame, I was a good girl. I diligently worked on the Ruffled Ridges Baby blanket whenever I knit.

But yesterday... yesterday I realized that I had a project knitting class today. Two hours with a wonderful instructor who would answer all my questions. I simply could not work on The Blanket. I have no questions about The Blanket, except how to make it go faster. If I am paying for a class I need a project with questions and challenges. A quick inventory of my other WIPs revealed no issues. *gasp* I needed a new project and I needed it quickly. My husband was playing hockey and would be home in an hour and a half.

I quickly whipped out the next project in line: The Royal Baby Set from Blue Sky Alpacas. I want to bring the Piglet-to-Be home from the hospital in this set. I wanted to use a different yarn so I swatched and found my gauge was a bit large but better too big than too small with baby clothes so I cast on and worked my way through the first ten or so rows. When my husband came home I was knitting away and he said nothing. About half an hour later he turned to me and said, "What's THAT?"
I calmly explained and gave him my reasoning. He looked bewildered. Oh well. I can't really expect him to understand, now can I?

But you understand. This is the back of the wrap sweater. I'm using Crystal Palace's Bunny Hop Yarn which is a microfiber with just a touch of angora thrown in (8% I think), the color is #2302. Knitting on US 4 needles.

After working on The Blanket, this is so much fun. It just seems to fly by! This is my first sweater and I am glad I picked a baby sweater, it seems much less daunting this way. Until next time!

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Melissa said...

Okay, I just sat here and read your whole blog. :) I came here from the baby bumper site. Anyway, I really like your blog! Hope you don't mind me popping in and reading. :)