Thursday, March 01, 2007

Can I see that calendar?

Happy Thursday, y'all! I have to tell you I am embarrassed to say it took me 45 minutes this morning to realize today was Thursday and not Friday... I woke up and thought, "Friday. Got to get Pooh Bear up so we can make the mom's group meeting at ten. Keep moving. Parking will not be easy. Let's get going..." On this went for 45 minutes while I changed and dressed Pooh Bear and fed her a bottle and some breakfast. As I raced around to try to make my hair look presentable, it hit me. NOT Friday. Thursday. While a relaxing thought at the time, all it really means is that I get to repeat the whole procedure tomorrow. I enjoy my group but I am not a morning person (and neither is Pooh Bear) so the need to be somewhere on time before eleven is somewhat stress inducing.

I thought I would have some knitting related content today (stash enhancement pictures) but alas, by the time we returned from our errands the sun was gone and the chances of my getting a good picture was nil so... maybe tomorrow?

In other news, the Seattle Cupcake Tour will resume tomorrow with a report on New York Cupcakes. I know, I promised Cupcake Royale but my plans didn't work out as I thought they would and NYC just showed up in my path one day and really, "least Resistance" and all that.

And one last note before my daughter wakes up from her nap (type faster, type faster!). I want to send a big thank you to Melissa who became my first "official commenter" earlier today. I feel so proud that someone out there liked what I wrote (driveled on) about enough to take the time to leave me a sweet nothing! *grin* Melissa, I'd send you an email thanking you but Blogger is being weird and I can see your profile but not your address... oh well. One more thing to add to my "Things to Figure out How to Do with this Darn Blag" list.

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Melissa said...

Geez, thanks. *blush* And I was being too shy to ask to add you to my fave bloglist. :) You do have a good blog and I'm sure that pretty soon you'll have tons of readers/commenters. :)