Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Oh, I could write a sonnet

About my knitted bonnet
But my little girl, she won't wear it,
In the Easter Parade.
And not just because it doesn't match the yellow dress I bought her for Easter. It is all finished, but unfortunately, she doesn't want to wear it. I haven't even been able to get it tied yet! So, no pictures of her modeling it for now- I'll keep trying...

Details on the bonnet: the pattern is from Blue Sky Alpacas but I sized it up as my daughter had outgrown the pattern's sizes by the time I started knitting it. I also left off the ruffle brim, I decided it would look better without it. I used Rowan Classic Cashsoft DK in #502 Bella Donna. I love this yarn, so soft and easy to work with. I have several more projects lined up that will use the same yarn. I used a size 5 Addi Turbo circular needle (the pattern didn't need a circular needle but that was the only size 5 I had at the time).

The pattern came with socks that match and I plan to make them I just have to engage in some knitty math first to upsize those as well. I'll probably get to that in the next week or so. I think. I'm contemplating a couple other things and I might just find myself distracted...

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Knitting Mama said...

It's too bad she won't wear it. Does she know mommy made it? :)