Wednesday, May 02, 2007

Getting Closer....

Knitting, Knitting, Knitting!

Only 30 rows to go on the Albabtross- So close. So close. soclose. Must keep going. All else is ignored.

Slightly (hah, understatement) freaking out in my non-knitting life but that will have to wait for a longer post, let's just say that having really painful contractions at 3 in the morning 10 weeks before your due date is not a calming experience.

Back to knitting, knitting, knitting.

The Albatross calls and it wants to be finished. Now. (no comments about "nesting" from the peanut gallery)


Melissa said...

I bet it feels so good to be this close! I'm sure you'll be done it in no time! Can't wait to see a photo. I remember the progress picture from a while back. The color was wonderful. Did you ever end up putting a stripe / stripes?

Anonymous said...

How's it coming? I know exactly how you feel as I just had a project like that. Felt so good to complete it.

I've been busy gathering up your next package :-)

Your SP10