Wednesday, May 16, 2007

you want a knitting post?

then you have come to the wrong place- sorry. I know I said I would post yesterday and (obviously) I didn't. And I doubt this will count either.

The knitting is going slowly (I have cast-on-itis so there are quite a few projects but not much progress on anything). As soon as I take some pictures I'll do a full recap.

No really, I will.

It has been added to the spreadsheet. And if it is on the spreadsheet, it gets done, dammit.

I mean just today I finished off purchasing all the gifts I need for events & holidays between now and my due date (eight events!!! made quite a dent in my wallet, ugh.). I also got yarn for my sock pal and the last of the goodies for my Secret Pal (both for the shipment I am going to send in the next few days and for my grand finale package next month).

Hey, that was almost knitting content.

Check, check and check. Keep moving down the list...

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