Wednesday, November 28, 2007

biting the proverbial bullet

Alright. Enough. This no blogging thing just sucks. I'll be doing something and think to myself, "Hey, I should take a picture and blog about this." Then I remember that I cannot upload pictures to my laptop and then it just seems like too much work to take a picture, give the camera to the Hubster, hope that he uploads them to our network hard drive sometime this century, and then, once that is done, hope that I remember what it was I wanted to write about at the time I took the picture. *sigh*

So, no more. I'm just going to post sans photos. Sorry if it is boring. I am going to figure out how to send pictures directly from my phone to my Flickr account as soon as I catch up on the work for my math class. The photo quality will suck but I'm no photography wizard anyway and you know the thing about beggars and choosing... A photo on the blog is worth two in the Canon. Or something.


It is time to pay off the cupcake contest. Yup. FINALLY. Bet you thought I forgot ;)

And the winner, picked via my very own, written by me, random number generating program, is....

Jessica! (love the Laila sock btw)

Send me your snail mail address (email or pm on ravelry) and I'll tee-pee your house send you a little box of cupcake goodies! Also, let me know: snowmen or polar bears & penguins.

Okay, enough procrastinating while trying to avoid homework. Back to Conic Sections. Oh, yeah, the fun never ends. You know you envy me.


Jessica said...

I won! I won! Woohooooooo.

weebug said...

there should be a way to upload to your laptop, do you have a small card reader that can plug in via a usb port? they aren't really expensive.

but i am glad you are posting anyway!