Sunday, November 04, 2007

Um, I feel like a slacker...

Holy cow! Did you guys see this? Have a baby, ten months later, win the NYC Marathon! I thought I was doing well because I go walk around Greenlake at least once a week.

So not only am I behind in the fitness department but I am waaaaaaayyyyy behind the eight ball in almost every aspect of my life. Yikes. Too much to do, not enough hours. You guys know the drill.

I have a zillion posts to do here but I can't get my pictures uploaded (my laptop won't recognize an external element- I've tried several combinations but it is being rather stubborn- I'll have to wait until the Hubster is back and I can commandeer his laptop... I thought I had the solution which is why I let him leave town without uploading the photos first).

I also need to announce the winner of my cupcake inspired contest but I am in the middle of writing a random number generating program for my programming class (fairly easy to do, I just need to find the time to sit down and finish it- see Paragraph 2 above) and I'd like to use it to pick my contest winner as a way of testing my program... so look for the winner to be announced later this week.

So yeah, someday there may be knitting content, and some more cupcake reviews, and some recipe reviews and my thoughts on learning to sew. See how much you have to look forward to? Really, I'm just putting it all off until the Writer's Guild goes on strike and there is nothing to watch on tv... then you will be dying to read whatever I write here from sheer rerun tv induced boredom.

Until later then, I need to go study the absolutely fascinating concepts involved with logarithmic properties. Positively scintillating.

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