Wednesday, April 15, 2009

My Daughter, the Tulip Killer

Over the years there have been times when I've asked my mom a question about my childhood and she's turned to me and said, "It was a good thing you were cute." This statement puzzled me. Huh? What did being cute have to do with anything? I just didn't get it.

Well, Mom, I get it. I understand. It only took the acquisition of two adorable but mischievous (intentionally or otherwise) children before I heard your words playing in my head, "Aaaaaaaarrrgh. It's a good thing you're cute..."

Any mother will tell you that no matter how much you love your children, sometimes they behave in a way that Just. Makes. You. Crazy. And then, indeed, it is a very good thing they are cute.

Case in point:
My poor tulips

Gwen loves flowers. To Death.

I've been anxiously awaiting the arrival of my tulips since they were planted last fall. I love tulips and eagerly looked forward to the day when I could step outside, cut a few blooms and bring the colorful vibrancy inside with me. It is not to be. At least in the backyard where Gwennie has shown herself to be even more eager than I am to enjoy the flowers. Poor things were plucked from the ground before they could bloom.

Thank goodness for the fence that prevents her from ravaging the flowers in the front yard.
April 15, 2009 009


Devin said...

When I was like 7(?!?) I came in the house and proudly announced to my mom that I had saved her flowers from the ants. Unfortunately they were peonies.

mames said...

whoops. poor tulips, they did not have a chance. right now i am trying to save my raised beds from the boys 'watering' efforts. exhausting.

terri said...

I was an adult before I learned that the purple and yellow flowers my Mom planted weren't actually called Pick Flowers. They're pansies. "These are Pick Flowers. These are Not Pick Flowers." Plant pansies - they benefit from heavy picking.