Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Bounced Out

I think I'm still recovering from last weekend. It wasn't too crazy but still feeling like we crammed a lot of things into a little bit of time. I mean, how hard is it to go out to dinner, hunt for eggs, attend a birthday party, go out to dinner, dye eggs, open Easter baskets, go to church, go out to brunch, and then cook a big Easter dinner?

I must be getting soft.

We were lucky enough to have Papa (Todd's father) come visit for the weekend and celebrate Easter with us so that added to the overall excitement level.
All dressed up for Easter with Papa

Continuing tradition, we went to the Bunny Bounce at the zoo which, due to the gorgeous weather, was crazier than it has ever been since we started going four years ago. I think this was the first year it didn't rain or threaten to rain and the weather certainly seemed to be trying to make up for past ickiness.

The kiddos had a blast and G managed to fill her basket to overflowing
My basket runneth over

while M was a bit more methodical in his egg gathering.
Bunny Bouce at Woodland Park Zoo

There was some additional silliness
bug play

And even a sneak peek at the soon to be opened dinosaur exhibit.
Sneaking a peek

Given the boy's obsession fascination with dinosaurs, I suspect we might be back at the zoo in the very near future.

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