Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Bright Green Fun Fur. Really.

So earlier today I put my knitter's cred on the line when I posted this on Twitter:

It's okay, I'll give you a minute to recover.




What good could possibly come of such a skein of yarn? Actually, quite a lot.

Ack! No! Don't close your browser. Truly, it is Okay...

Provided, of course, that you don't let it within a country mile of your knitting needles. Some background: Earlier this month I went on a lovely retreat with my fellow Purly Girls and I took this picture at Fort Worden, our retreat location, in Port Townsend.

I adore daisies. To me, they are the epitome of Spring. And believe you me, we could use a little Spring here in the Pacific Northwest. I won't bore you with the weather stats but April has been something of a drag.

So, to recap: I love daisies, I need Spring, and there is a horrible skein of novelty yarn involved here somehow. Oh, yes, I almost forgot. I also have an obsession with wreaths at present that is quickly approaching epic proportions.

I know, I know. Where I am going with this?

Right here:

Turns out, Fun Fur might make for dreadful knitting but, in the right colorway, it makes wonderful grass. Which only goes to prove that everything has its place, even eyelash yarn, scary as that is to contemplate.

I wish I could pretend that I am terribly clever and came up with this idea all on my own but alas, I am merely a very good copycat. I found the original over on Capture the Details.

I love the pop of color this very simple project provides but sadly I have no idea where to hang it. I walked around my house for twenty minutes this morning trying to find the Perfect Spot. Didn't even find one that is Merely Adequate. sigh In the end I took down a picture and hung the wreath in its spot just so I could get a picture. This does not bode for the other wreaths I have lined up to make.

I also learned that my house, as much as I like it, is not a Blogger's house. The window placement is not ideal for taking pictures in natural light. Oh well. Photography is hardly my thing anyway. But it would be So Fun to take gorgeous photos of all my wreaths (you know, the ones I'm crafting in my head and then hanging in my fantasy house that is Just Perfect for hanging wreaths).

Do you think I could use my Wreath Adoration to justify a remodel?

Me neither.


Erin said...

Super cute! I saw the first pic and shuddered a little but the FO is adorable!

Amy said...

Yes, the fun fur made me cringe, but the wreath is wonderful! So creative.

TessaD said...

What's that about not liking your photography? I must beg to differ ... esp the ones in the post about the pretzels. :)