Saturday, August 04, 2007

Non Sequitor

I just saw an advertisement on television for Billy Ocean. He's playing at a local Indian casino which I guess says something about the career longevity of 80's pop stars whose catchy tunes stay in your head long after the tv ad is over.

Carribean Queen, do dum, dum, now you're sharing the same dream, do dum, dum...

Now you can share the private Hell currently taking place in my baby-addled brain.

But I digress and I did have a point, sort of.

And it was this:

Damn! He looks so old. I remember bebopping to his tunes at middle & high school dances back in the day.

Get outta my dreams, dum de dum dum, -ba-, get into my car...

Okay, before you all get outta here because you can't take this lovely trip down memory lane let me just finish my point.

So he looks old... does that plus the presence of two kids make me a grown up? Because honestly, I sometimes have a hard time thinking of myself as one... like I have a permanent self-image of an 18-20 year old... Anybody else have this issue? Or am I just crazy?

Oh, one last thought, and then I promise, no more Billy Ocean, ever.

Get in the back seat baby

Huh? The back seat? Does she need a car seat? Exactly how old is this chick you are trying to pick up Mr. Ocean?


mama k said...

um, thanks a lot chica. After reading your post this morning I've been singing...
Carribean Queen, now we're sharing the same dream!


skhpottery said...

Much better than the song I've been singing for the last few days.
I do still feel like I should be able to walk in to the highschool hangouts and fit in, but then I get a glimpse of a few teenagers and I'm suddenly embarressed that I was ever that age!

Meg said...

I was thinking the same thing when I heard he was coming to town! And yes...I don't think of myself as a grown up either...but I don't have kids or own a maybe I'm not there yet! It was great to meet Matthew tonight! He is so cute!