Thursday, August 02, 2007


Good grief. Has it really almost been a month since I posted? Is anyone still out there?

Life in the land of dirty diapers and baby spit-up is predictably hectic and challenging. I won't bore you with the gory details. Those of you with two or more children will just smile knowingly and tell me "I told you so" and those of you with one or no children will just be either a) frightened or b) disbelieving. Let's just suffice to say that my knitting time has been curtailed exponentially and I don't remember the last time I had five minutes by myself that didn't involve a cubicle or room requiring toilet paper.

My middle sister and parents were here this past week and it was nice to have them around to lend a hand. Todd's dad flies in tomorrow for a long weekend. After that we are on our own. Or I should say that I will be on my own since Hubby will be starting to work again for the first time since the little one was born and I will running a zone defense on my two kids instead of he & I covering them together in a man-to-man set. Actually I have had them to myself the yesterday and today. It wouldn't have been too bad (I took them for a loooooooonnnnnngggg walk at Green Lake both days) except that Hubby has conveniently had evening commitments. I start to lose it around seven in the evening...

Enough about that, no one wants to hear me whine about being a mom.


I hear there is this cool sock swap happening this week called Sockapalooza 4 or something. Sounds really neat.

What's that you say?

I signed up for the swap?

Really? Hmmmmm.... socks.... deadline.... massively overwhelmed website... I think I remember something like that but are we at the end already? Seems like it was so far in the future... Like August 2nd or something.

Pardon? I didn't quite catch that last bit.

Today is August 2nd?

Oh dear.

Alright, so maybe I'm not quite that screwed but I am woefully behind in my sock manufacturing process. You see, several Sundays ago I was all set and ready to go: had the pattern, had the yarn, had the needles, ready to cast on. I just needed to finish the hat I was working on and then it was go time. I figured I'd finish the baby hat during Pooh Bear's nap and then I'd start the socks that night. A perfect plan. Only one teensy problem. The next day, a Monday, yup, you guessed it- I went into labor. Now the hat got finished but the socks... let's just say their inception was, um, delayed a couple weeks. And since that time, not a whole lot of knitting happening. The most progress I made was when my parents were here but I managed to negate that by making a mistake and dropping several stitches necessitating a large amount of ripping from which I have not yet recovered. Luckily Sasha wrote me to let me know I had until the 7th to mail my socks especially since my socks are just going for a short trip down I-5. But still... I think I need major tinkering with the time space continuum in order to finish.

And to make matters worse?

The socks from MY pal arrived today. I'll post a picture as soon as I find the time to take one.

So I should go- I feel guilty typing when I should be k2tog, k3(4), kf&b, kf&b, k4(5), ssk-ing.

Hey, let's have a CONTEST!!!! I'll send a fabulous Prize to the commenter who correctly identifies the sock pattern from the above. If more than one person gets it right I'll pick one winner at random. No idea what the prize will be but I'll make it a good one.

(See I've been gone so long I'm resorting to a contest to get you guys to read!)


amandasan said...

yes, we're still out here! we were actually talking about you the other day when we (me, sarah, sasha, jessica) were having a little sewing get-together at jessica's house. i was saying that it seems like everyone in blogland has (super cute) new babies and that maybe i need to go over to your house and play "mothers helper" for a few hours to get a dose of reality rather than just the occasional adorable photo :) it sounds like things are going well!
take care,

Sasha said...

Katie, You get to go to the bathroom by yourself?!? It's a bit of an adjustment isn't it, having two demanding little creatures? I am glad that you have support.

And I am taking until Tuesday to send my Sopckapalooza package because that's what I read, send by the 7th.

The pattern? For some reason I think I remember you saying a certain pattern and so I'd better opt out of any contest.

Daphne said...

ah. after hanging out w/my sister and the twins, I think I know a little about which you speak. that plus lots of 9-10+ hour days at work equal similar (but not quite the same) tiredness, crankiness and behind-ness, but without a baby.

that pattern sounds like one I haven't knit but that would produce a very chevrony pattern, perhaps like a jaywalker...

Suzanne said...

I'm glad the socks made their way to you safely and I hope you like them.

Your Sockapalooza Pal,

Suzanne "The Frog"

P.S. Are you knitting the Monkey Socks from

Suzanne said...

I'm glad the socks made their way to you safely and I hope you like them.

Your Sockapalooza Pal,

Suzanne "The Frog"

P.S. Are you knitting the Monkey Socks from

skhpottery said...

We're still out here reading. Though with a six week old with a sore tummy, you can see how far behind I am as it is now the 8th.

I haven't knit them yet, but it sounds like maybe the Jaywalkers.