Tuesday, March 06, 2007

evidence of progress?

We might want to contact KSI (Knitting Scene Investigation) but I think I might have actual photographic evidence of progress on my baby wrap sweater.

Ta da! This is the completed back. I have actually gone beyond this now, I have about a third of the right side complete as well but it was dark when I got home so you get yesterday's photo. Too bad for you. I'm really pleased with how the sweater is going and I am already envisioning a second version (heavens, let's not get ahead of ourselves).

I'd like to finish this wrap up in the next week or two. I am "supposed" to focus on the Albatross but I only have so much focus people. My compromise is that I let myself work on the wrap sweater for the first 30 minutes of my nightly knitting session (the beauty of having finally established a bedtime routine that works with my 13 month old) and then I work on the Albatross until I am ready to crash. Since the blanket is essential mindless at this point I can usually slog my through it relatively error free until I am just way too tired. Unfortunately I am having a bout of insomnia this week (ugh) so I am getting to my crash point earlier and earlier.

Anyway, that's it. No more time for typing of I'm going to get to that blanket - I still want to finish it by the end of March although that is looking less and less likely... Maybe I'll wake up tomorrow and suddenly be a stunningly fast knitter? No. Oh, well, a girl can dream... well this girl could if only I could sleep.

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