Sunday, March 18, 2007

Back in the Saddle Again

Well, my faith in customer/technical support is restored... it turns out that something must have gotten lost in translation during my tech support phone call because lo' and behold! My new hard drive showed up on my front porch on Friday afternoon. We all made a trip to Fry's yesterday to purchase the necessary items to recover data from my old hard drive- a task not to be undertaken lightly or without a full wallet; apparently, and forgive the SAT/GRE logic test reference, but

I:knitting store as Hubby::Fry's

However, if I ever dropped that much in a knitting store in one day I better have several book deals and a blockbuster movie deal as the impetus. Seriously, Hubby needs to compute from the stash for the remainder of the year. He claims that all of his purchases are "necessary" whereas yarn stash enhancement is for pleasure but I think I could live without a wireless rollerball mouse whereas I know I must have yarn for a ripple blanket or a sweater from my new Rowan book. Yes, I am trying to resist the call of the wild ripple but day by day I feel myself weakening...

The good news is that all my files and pictures were recovered so I need not fear trying to explain to my daughter why we have no photos of her first Halloween, Christmas or birthday. WHEW!!

In knitting news, I am almost done with the baby wrap sweater, just a few more rows and the side seaming to go. Then on to the matching hat and socks. I measured the baby bonnet against Pooh Bear's head the other day and discovered I need one more pattern repeat before I can begin the shaping for the back of the head so I guess I am almost halfway done.

And then, there is the you-know-what. The Albatross. That damn Ruffled Ridges baby blanket. I knit and knit and knit and yet I am still not to the halfway point. I'm starting to think there is some scientific principle that I must have inadvertently slept through in school... whatever the opposite of spontaneous generation is. I am making progress but it is taking forever. I guess if I worked on it exclusively I might be halfway done by now, but then again, maybe not. I might have died of boredom by now.

Up next on the blog docket: Pictures of the wrap sweater as soon as it is done, maybe Tuesday... A picture of the Albatross as soon as I hit halfway... it will look just like my past picture, only larger, which isn't terribly interesting but I feel I need to mark the milestone in someway. I've got a small amount of stash enhancement to share too. And the Cupcake Tour Part 3, I think that will go up tomorrow. I know, promises, promises, you've heard that before but now I really mean it *wink*

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Anonymous said...

Husbands and BoyFriends will just never understand stash enhancement. My BF finally just gave up and realizes that it makes me happy. Also, I only have one card that I make yarn purchases with (except for you oh Secret Pal)and if it's full, then oh well, I don't purchase.

Your SP10