Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Ugh. Argh. and any other frustrated sound...

Well, it is official. My hard drive is toast. After three days of chasing customer service a new hard drive is being sent to me. Even before I could celebrate this positive development it rained on my parade again. Eager to get my laptop working again ASAP I asked if I could upgrade the shipping. After explaining what I meant (love that customer service based in other countries) I was told it would be 10 days (!!!!!!!) before I received my hard drive because it is backordered. At least that is what I think he said. My translation skills were a bit sketchy due to a lack of sleep (I'm still not sleeping well).

So the end result is that I am discovering the full extent of my internet/email/access addiction. Seriously. I expect to start shaking any minute. I cannot tell you how many times today I thought, oh, I'll just look that up, or, let me check that in my excel file, or, I'll just shoot so-and-so a quick email. Ack. Ten more days of this. Lord give me strength! Hubby claims he will get my old desktop computer up and running soon however, he just remembered that he got rid of my monitor when we moved so I'm not going to hold my breath...

To add insult to injury, it is likely that very little of the information on my hard drive will be recoverable so it is possible that we have lost the pictures from my daughter's first Christmas, first birthday, trip to the San Fran zoo, et cetera. Eek! This would be awful. I'm trying not to think about it too much because I can't control it and thinking about it will just cause me stress. But, ugh.

So let's see... knitting. I am knitting since the laptop is not competing for my free time so I guess that is the upside of all this... Monday night I went to a fabulous S'n'B and had a great time. I am still plugging away on the Albatross, I am now more than a third of the way done. I don't think I'm going to achieve my goal of finishing the blanket by the end of March but I haven't given up yet.

Progress is much faster on the baby wrap sweater. I have 9 rows to go on the the second front side so then I "just" have the seaming and the ties to go. Hopefully I'll have pictures for you soon...

I still owe a report on my trip to Cupcake Royale and I will try to confiscate Hubby's laptop again tomorrow to get that written and posted. I will leave you with this teaser: the Ballerina may be the perfect cupcake... at least to my taste buds.

OK, I'm off to fill out my NCAA bracket... one of these years I AM going to beat my husband.

Oh, quickly before I forget: Hello to my Secret Pal!!! I'm looking forward to the next three months and trying to solve your mystery persona :)

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Anonymous said...

hard drive problems aren't fun - I know, I see them everyday in my job, but knitting destresses from it - starting to gather goodies for a first package, hopefully it will sort of make up for the failing laptop (is it an Apple? I see it more often with those than PC)

your SP10