Thursday, March 08, 2007

When the cat's away...

the mice will... Cast on?

So the Hubby left town yesterday for a quick overnight trip to San Fran for work. And really, I had no intention of starting a new knitting project. After all, I had promised, no new projects until I finished some of my WIPs. No problem. I completely understand the logic of his request. But. But. But then my friend called. Did I want to go over and visit our mutual friend (who just had a baby girl) this weekend? Of course I did. I got off the phone and realized I have no completed new baby knits stash left. I usually try to have a hat or some booties lying around, just in case. What to do? I always give a hand knit (well, always since I started knitting a year and a half ago).

I would have to start something new. And it would have to be fast, which for me means small. I wasn't in the mood for booties so I whipped out Oneskein and Last Minute Knitted Gifts. A quick perusal and my decision was made:
The Petal Bib from Oneskein. I even had the yarn, Rowan Handknit Cotton in my stash and it wasn't designated for anything. Not only that but I even had one of the colorways pictured in the book, Fruit Salad (love the color and the name!). Serendipity.

So yesterday during Pooh Bear's nap I cast on and you can see how far I've gotten. I think I have five rows and the i-cord left. Pretty swift knitting for me. Especially considering that the pattern has some technical "trickery" I don't have much experience with (and a couple things I've never seen before) - joining five pieces to start, short rows, wrapped stitches, i-cord. It isn't perfect but it will certainly do. I hope to finish it by tomorrow.

I want to make another one for my daughter - anyone know if you can get two of these from the same skein? I have a second skein in the same dye lot but I'm curious... it would be nice to get another bib without breaking into the new skein.

And I promise, I won't cast on until I finish a couple of other projects. Pinkie swear.

Is that a plane ticket I see on my husband's desk? Hmmmmmm......

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Amanda said...

Hi! I just found your blog and I wanted to let you now that the bib is cute and I might have to make one of my own now!